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  • Kuvitettuja kuulemuksia

    February 13th, 2012

    Aloitan uuden viikkosarjan visualisoimalla väärin kuulemisia. Kuviin saattaa joskus liittyä selitys siitä, mistä kyse oli oikeasti, tai sitten ei. Aina ei voi muistaa…

    I’ll start a new weekly updating series of illustrated mishearings. I will include translation of the illustration, but not always explanation what was really said and misheard – I don’t always remember it. Then, why bother to translate? See it as an apology for my friends who speak english with me – if I ask you to repeat something dozen times, it doesn’t mean you speak unclearly but that I hear things sometimes really oddly…


    “I saw Elina yesterday. She looked like that comical neigbor.” Uh-huh. Oh noes, who IS that comical neighbor and why I don’t remember him?