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Kirjoitettu 29.12.2010 - Leea. Kategoriassa arkistot, translation included.

Kävin yleisön pyynnöstä läpi aikaisempien tuotosten arkistoja. Ehkä niitä “yleisön pyynnöstä”-sarjakuviakin vielä nähdään. Tämänkertainen on kuitenkin valittu ajankohtaisuutensa vuoksi – ja siksi, että se näin vuosien päästä löydettynä huvitti itseäni.

Uudenvuoden taikoja vuodelta 2000, aika tarkkaan kymmenen vuoden takaa. Osa laajempaa sarjaa, johon kuului myös toinen sarjakuva Juhannustaioista moderneine sovellutuksineen (jota valitettavasti en löytänyt). Käsiala on sen verran karmaisevaa, että ymmärrän hyvin, miksi vaihdoin tekstauksen tikkukirjaimiin sitten joskus myöhemmin.

Aiemmin julkaistu ainakin Määlikässä (Nefa Turku ry:n lehti), ja useamman ainejärjestön lehtivastaavien kanssa harjoitetun juttuvaihdon puitteissa mahdollisesti myös Samsarassa (Nirvana ry:n lehti) ja/tai Uudessa Napakairassa (Nefa Helsinki ry:n lehti).

Mahdollisesti julkaistu myös Haista!-lehdessä, tai sitten ei – ainakin Juhannustaikoja julkaistiin Haista-lehdessä, mutta koska viime muuton jäljiltä zinekokoelmani on vielä tunnistamattomassa paikassa, en pysty tarkistamaan.

Explanation: Flipped through my old stuff due to public request – fitting to the time of year, here’s some New Year Predictions from 10 years back (2000). previously released in several student society members’ magazines, and possibly also in some issue of legendary Haista!-zine. Can’t recall for sure, since I can’t recall where I packed my zines when I moved! Translation is here mostly because I think explaining traditions is fun. I’m not sure if anyone’s interested for real…


There’s sure some social need for this, so folklorist shares: Tips for Maidens – New Year Predictions

Melting tin is classic. First you melt tin, then cast it into water. / Shapes the tin takes when it freezes in water, are interpreted. “I got a ship. I’ll probably travel next year, yay!” “I got money and tears” “That means money doesn’t bring happiness.” Money= if the tin takes ruffled shape and becomes dark / “I hoped I would get money or travel too, but instead I got phallic symbol. Well, maybe this means I’ll get to do something else for naked young men than just see them…”

Explanation for the last speech bubble on first line: Oh, this probably needs an explanation for non-finns: Sauna is quite important part of finnish life, including student society activities. In youth activities, there’s often three turns for those who want to go to sauna – women separate, men separate and then together all those who still did not get enough sauna. So, you’re likely to SEE members of opposite sex naked there, but it very, very seldom leads to anything else. I’ve heard only once somebody met their future love for first time in sauna, and that was a swede telling it.

Translation, continuing from second line: Under cups (not bra-cups, but coffee cups) there is hidden some small artefacts, and when you lift a cup, what you find there will tell something about new year. / “I got a key!” “I got a coin! I think I could invest on stock now that I’m getting money according to all predictions.” / “Oh well. I got a condom.” “Well, you’re probably going to use it with that man you’ll meet according to tin! (Giggle giggle)”

When you dip a hand kerchief to the water you just tossed the tin into, you can put it under your pillow, and your future spouse will appear in your dreams. When you eat salted fish (or, maybe vegans can eat salted carrots), that future spouse in the dream will offer you a drink. Of the drink’s quality you can predict, if the future spouse will be alcoholic or sober. / (energydrink) / “It seems I’ll have a hellish year ahead!” Well, you can of course think about that, do you want to see it in advance, or not.

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