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  • Kaneja

    October 31st, 2012

    Silloin kun ehtis ei oo inspistä ja silloin kun huvittais, ei ehdi.
    Koneen kätköistä löytyi pari tälläistä jo unohdettua, ehkä vuodelta 2009? (Klikkaamalla suuremmaksi.) Toisen päälle sen sankarit ehti kaataa vesilasin ennen kuin sitä sai skannattua.

    Apologies! When I have time, I have no inspiration, and when I have inspiration, I have no time.

    Found these already forgotten ones from my computer, I think they’re from 2009? (Click them bigger if you want). Second one was even destroyed by its heroes by spilling a glass of water over it before scanning…

    Loose translations:
    When sick with fever, all you have energy to do is lay either on bed or on sofa… /…and get up only to make some tea or go to the loo. There might be just be surprising obstacles before you get to lay down again… / You were sleeping on MY spot!

    Hmm, I’ll put hay for rabbits in a box so they wouldn’t spread them all over the floor all the time. / “Box!” “Box!” “Box!” / “box!”/ “Oh dear, they’ve already had that very same box in their pen for three months, and now it suddenly turned a best one in the world” “I’ve never seen this fine box before!”

  • Kuvitettuja kuulemuksia

    March 19th, 2012

    Pisteet sille, joka tunnistaa mitä tässä katsotaan 😉

    “They look like 50-years-old schoolboys” “Whatta?”

    And special points for the one who recognises what is watched here 😉

    – – –
    Tämän jälkeen voi seurata taas pienehkö päivitystauko.
    After this, there might be some sort of pause in regular updates.

  • Kuvitettuja kuulemuksia

    March 12th, 2012

    …Tällä kertaa kuulin väärin ääneen luetun Fingerporin punchlinen.

    “New home-made wine divides users in two” – misheard punchline of another comic read aloud, and dividing device was actually something else…

  • Kuvitettuja kuulemuksia

    March 5th, 2012


    I once made mashed potatoes. It was made with candy and cellphones.

  • Kuvitettuja kuulemuksia

    February 27th, 2012

    “You can choose from pony shaped routes…”

  • Kuvitettuja kuulemuksia

    February 20th, 2012


    “Buffet is in another ship. In that one they’re giving us finger from.”

  • Kuvitettuja kuulemuksia

    February 13th, 2012

    Aloitan uuden viikkosarjan visualisoimalla väärin kuulemisia. Kuviin saattaa joskus liittyä selitys siitä, mistä kyse oli oikeasti, tai sitten ei. Aina ei voi muistaa…

    I’ll start a new weekly updating series of illustrated mishearings. I will include translation of the illustration, but not always explanation what was really said and misheard – I don’t always remember it. Then, why bother to translate? See it as an apology for my friends who speak english with me – if I ask you to repeat something dozen times, it doesn’t mean you speak unclearly but that I hear things sometimes really oddly…


    “I saw Elina yesterday. She looked like that comical neigbor.” Uh-huh. Oh noes, who IS that comical neighbor and why I don’t remember him?

  • Unia / Dreams

    October 30th, 2011

    Uni tuli nähtyä joskus syyskuussa. Alkuperäinen teos on skannattua oranssisävyisempi.

    Saw the original dream in September already. Original drawing is warmer in tones than scanned version.

    In a dream there was boats on the top of big springs, and each of them was furnished as a bedroom. Donald Duck had to jump from boat to boat, put on pajama to be found in deskdrawer and then jump to next one. Grey donkey-pajama that had even tail and hood was cute.

  • More archived (fluff)Friends / lisää arkisto-fluffeja

    October 25th, 2011

    Lyhyt tarina fluffien Halloween-bileistä 2009. Kaikki kuvat on tehty pelin hahmoilla ja esineillä.

    Short story on the party fluffs had on Halloween 2009. All the images are made on characters and props available on the game.

  • Finnish Metal Expo, 2/2011

    June 8th, 2011

    Ja tätähän on väännetty kuin Iisakin kirkkoa, ja sitten skanneri vääristi värit mieleisikseen (tämä lopputulos on sentään melko lähellä alkuperäistä, mutta silti sinisempi). Nyt mukana myös kaksikielinen tekstitys, jotta kaikki saavat demokraattisesti yhtä huonosti selvää käsialastani.

    For real, this took several months to finish (thanks to experimenting with style), and then scanner turned colors into its own liking – this is most normal I got out of it. Now also with bi-lingual texts, so all can tell just as badly what my handwriting says – democratic, huh?


    Arvaako joku, mikä piisi soi kuudennessa ruudussa? Does someone guess the song in sixth panel?