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  • Kaneja

    October 31st, 2012

    Silloin kun ehtis ei oo inspistä ja silloin kun huvittais, ei ehdi.
    Koneen kätköistä löytyi pari tälläistä jo unohdettua, ehkä vuodelta 2009? (Klikkaamalla suuremmaksi.) Toisen päälle sen sankarit ehti kaataa vesilasin ennen kuin sitä sai skannattua.

    Apologies! When I have time, I have no inspiration, and when I have inspiration, I have no time.

    Found these already forgotten ones from my computer, I think they’re from 2009? (Click them bigger if you want). Second one was even destroyed by its heroes by spilling a glass of water over it before scanning…

    Loose translations:
    When sick with fever, all you have energy to do is lay either on bed or on sofa… /…and get up only to make some tea or go to the loo. There might be just be surprising obstacles before you get to lay down again… / You were sleeping on MY spot!

    Hmm, I’ll put hay for rabbits in a box so they wouldn’t spread them all over the floor all the time. / “Box!” “Box!” “Box!” / “box!”/ “Oh dear, they’ve already had that very same box in their pen for three months, and now it suddenly turned a best one in the world” “I’ve never seen this fine box before!”

  • Jester vs Ozzy

    June 15th, 2012

  • Joulumieltä kaikille!

    December 18th, 2010

    (loose translation: Mistletoe / As a teenager I once drew a christmas greeting card with two mice meeting under a mistletoe for my friend. She liked it a lot. / Later in my life I drew a bunny, wondering about a mistletoe. It ended up as rabbit hopping club’s greeting card – although scrapped into different background, where bunny was wondering about a star instead./ I thought about combining those two ideas, for the sake of fun as well as using it for greetings again. Nah, why add clothes…/ Maybe bit more realistic style would be sweeter. Bonded bunnyfriends snuggling. Oh how CUTE! (lickety lickety) / On the other hand, thinking realistic about the bunnies, everyone can guess how it would end. Not that much greeting card material. (humpity hump!))