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  • Viikonlopun iloksi: Basil Hiiri-fanifiktiota by Leea 10 v

    October 22nd, 2011


    Jep jep – arkistoaarteita taas. Tämä oli osa pidempää seikkailua, jota en kuitenkaan koskaan kokonaan toteuttanut, vaan lähinnä piirtelin luonnoksia satunnaisista käänteistä keskeltä seikkailua, niittasin yhteen, aioin palata niihin myöhemmin ja oikeasti unohdin kokonaan.  Osa keskeisistä, neuvokkaista hahmoista oli tietenkin omaa tekoa.


    An archive treasure again – some Basil The Great Mouse Detective-fan fiction I’ve drawn when I was 10 years old. I did not draw whole adventure ready then – I had made bunch of drafts from the middle of planned adventure, that I planned returning to and finishing later – but in reality, completely forgot.  This one has rather intriguing setting – Basil, Dr Dawson and bunch of awesome mary sue-characters (only one to be seen in these pics though) had to sign up for a children’s summer camp undercover, because evil Ratigan was rumored to make appearance there and possibly steal money reserved for running the camp.

  • Luonnos unen pohjalta /Drafting from a dream

    July 22nd, 2011

    Näin unta, jossa oli kaiken muun ohella “luodin muotoisia” noin 20 cm korkeita patsaita, jotka esittivät Varg Vikernesiä. Koko uni oli liian vaikeasti kerronnallistettavissa sarjakuvitettavaksi, joten tässä pelkkä patsas.


    I had a dream that included among all other stuff about 20 cm tall “bullet shaped” statues of Varg Vikernes. Because rest of the dream was too hard to narrativize into a comic, I’ll leave you with a picture of the plain statue.

  • Finnish Metal Expo, 2/2011

    June 8th, 2011

    Ja tätähän on väännetty kuin Iisakin kirkkoa, ja sitten skanneri vääristi värit mieleisikseen (tämä lopputulos on sentään melko lähellä alkuperäistä, mutta silti sinisempi). Nyt mukana myös kaksikielinen tekstitys, jotta kaikki saavat demokraattisesti yhtä huonosti selvää käsialastani.

    For real, this took several months to finish (thanks to experimenting with style), and then scanner turned colors into its own liking – this is most normal I got out of it. Now also with bi-lingual texts, so all can tell just as badly what my handwriting says – democratic, huh?


    Arvaako joku, mikä piisi soi kuudennessa ruudussa? Does someone guess the song in sixth panel?

  • Perustuu tositapahtumiin / This happened for real

    May 2nd, 2011

    Jäi aika raakaluonnosasteelle. Kynäkin kuoli.

    Very draft-like. And my pen died too.

    Translation: “Yeehaw, I’ll take a crisp too!” / “No!” FLOSH! slip / “Oh well what a flight…” Boing Boing (flying crisp) Trash can

  • Pumpattavat hobitit / inflatable hobbits

    April 20th, 2011


    Translation included:

    “And then my friend told about his friend, who filmed a documentary of a company, that rents out inflatable celebrity-look-a-like sex toys!” “Rents out?” “Because they are expensive to buy, I was told.” / “Now I wonder if they rent such out for women as well? For example Legolas-look-a-likes?” “Or maybe hobbits?” “Legolas turns over two women, but you’ll need more than one hobbit to turn over one woman!” (=in a fine card game) / Oh, and then somebody would have to play with them so that she’ll toss herself on the ground and hobbits in the air, and pretends them to turn her over. I bet it doesn’t quite feel the same as the real thing. “Oh hobbits, turn me over!” “I am a Golden Dildo, and I disapprove!”

    (Well, the card game and  some words chosen might need further explanation – in one card game players could “turn over”, a.k.a remove from the game some character cards by playing certain other character cards – Legolas removed from game two ladies of the opponent player, but in finnish it can be said in a way that could be understood not removing but having sex – that was of course endless source of amusement for any player. I know “turn over” isn’t exactly fitting english translation, but couldn’t come up with anything better either and still keep the card game roots visible. )

  • Arkistojen mummoja

    March 21st, 2011

    Julkaistu aikaisemmin Synkkis-kokoelman uutena materiaalina 2006. Kyseessä ei kuitenkaan ollut ensimmäinen Synkkis/Mummot-crossover, vaan jossain muussakin synkistelyssä kovasti Salmen näköinen kuriton mummo käy nipistelemässä synkkiksen kavereita persuuksista. Tässä Mummot ovat kuitenkin toisessa pääosassa.

    Previously released in collection of comics focused on Synkkis-character – as new material in 2006. Other comics in that collection were mostly released in Haista!-zine earlier. However, this was not the first crossover of Synkkis & Old Ladies – in some other Synkkis-story there’s a Salme-look-a-like old lady, who goes pinching young men’s butts. (The thicker old lady is called Salme, the thinner one Aini. Plus apparently Salme’s daughter is called Tuula-Leena.)


    Little Black Ridinghood featuring Old Ladies / “Take some food to your granny as she’s been feeling weak lately.” / Little Black Ridinghood lived next to a big forest. Her grandmother lived in the middle of the forest. / In no time Black Ridinghood came to granny’s cottage, even though she picked flowers on her way. Knock Knock. “Come in!” / “Now the end is near.” “Glad that you came – your grandmother  is very ill.” /”Oh. I would have some food with me, if granny feels like eating. Even cake.” “Let me see.” / “Wow great! Cake! Pralines! Jam!”/ “Check this out Aini, Tuula-Leena has sent us even some boozey!”/ “Now let’s have a good dose, it does so good to heart!” “Ehh.” “And let’s watch videos of Machine Men and Omnium Gatherum!” / “It’s nice granny is already feeling better, but somehow she and her friends always manage make me feel embarrassed.” Knock knock/ “Who’s now coming in? Would they have sent me pretty longhaired nurse-boy?” “Well I think I’m going out when he’s coming in.” / “Good afternoon. I’m forest ranger and came to warn you about wolves seen near here.” “Hello.”/ “But hey, he is not longhaired nurse!” “But look now, he’s pretty young man anyway!” “What are you doing? No! HEEEELP!” / “I think granny’s going to be allright, as she was already feeling so much better.” “Hi!” / “What’s up wolf?” “At the end of my nerves!” / “Dorky forestranger! How he imagines I’d go anywhere near granny’s house after they put me in a cage and fed me sweet things as they thought I was so cute!”

  • Arkistojen Mummo-aarteita, osa 2

    March 19th, 2011

    Julkaistu aikaisemmin Haista!-lehdessä. Inspiroinut myös fanitoimintaa, jossa eläydyttiin mummoihin ostamalla kaupasta Fazerin parhaita ja Brunbergin tryffeleitä, ja mentiin kävelykadulle vahtaamaan ohikulkijoita (tosin sinä päivänä ei ohilkulkijoissa ollut yhtään näin tasokkaita). Poitsukan paidassa lukee “nekro metal on kova juttu”.

    – – –

    Previously released in Haista!-zine. The text in boy’s shirt says loosely translated “necro metal is hard.”

    And as loosely translated…

    At the yard of groceries: “This year autumn came early. Wonder if I should start knitting multitude of socks.” “Aune had crocheted a goal for her grandchildren’s football games. I wouldn’t start such a big project.” / Suddenly: “Do you see same as I?” (Almost swallowing her false teeth) / Library. Oh, he even has notorious steelcaps in his boots. / “Oh I wish I could have him alive in a bottle!” “And poke him with a stick there!” / “If I now threw my grocery-bags away and ran fast, I’d still catch him…” / “Only my feet are betraying me” “But we can go with kicksledge!” / “When we pass him we’ll see him close another time, and when we’ll stay hanging  farther, he has to pass us and we’ll see him close for third time!” “Hold on to my bag when we are moving fast, you hear me” / “What were those grannies staring. Probably thought I worship Satan. Fucking hell people are so prejudical. Would they wan’t everyone to dress up in colorful joggingsuits, yuck.” / Down the hill there’s traffic lights where all our characters are heading to. There’s also Aune nordic walking towards them. / Salme and Aini fly like the wind over street when the lights are already red. / Swept over by the tornado of our kicksledgers, Aune almost falls. “Eek!” “Be careful! Are you allright?” “No, I’m fine…Thanks!” / “Yay – now those old ladies saw I’m not any devil as I helped that one!” “That can’t be cured even with pralines…” “And we will not invite Aune over to coffee next friday! She was so unfair by throwing herself to our object’s arms!”

  • Lisää arkistojen aarteita/more archive treasures

    March 19th, 2011

    Julkaistu aikaisemmin Haista!-lehdessä. Päiväyksen perusteella tämä on vanhin Mummot-sarjakuva, joskin olen jokseenkin varma, että sisällöllisesti tämä on uudempi kuin myöhemmin päivätty  pätkä Mummoista hekumoimassa hehkeästä pitkälettipojasta (jonka postaan seuraavaksi). Ehkä sen loppuun piirtäminen vain kesti kauemmin 😀

    Previously released in Haista!-zine, piece from 2003. There’s some fiddling with the dates though, I think idea in this one is actually newer than in next piece that’s according to date finished in 2004… However, loose-ish translation follows, panels divided with / and speech bubbles with ” ” again…

    Old ladies

    / “Oh, Salme, come quick. My heart isn’t feeling very well with all this…”/ “I came as quick as I could get, and brought a bag of candy with me…”/ “Shh. Put them on that table and come to see – that lad in neighbor is being immoral again and has not even put curtains on his window.” / “He went to shower not-so-long-time ago and… oh, there he’s coming back.” “Meh, of course he’s wearing towel around him.” / “YES!” “Now he’s taking it off! Now he’s taking it off!”

  • Vastaus haasteeseen…

    February 9th, 2011

    Piti piirtää piski. Aiheen asiallisemman käsittelyn sijaan piirsin tietenkin ensikohtaamisen kyseisen hännänheiluttajan kanssa.

    PS. Koiralle ei tarjoiltu.

    This is reply to a challenge to draw a certain dog. Instead of portrait, I ended up drawing a short piece of meeting that hound for the first time. Oh, and he was not served.

  • Ritarillisuus kärsii inflaation

    January 24th, 2011

    Translation: I had a dream, that leaving work jeans of one silent type workmate suddenly dropped down.  (The looks have been changed to protect the innocent). For some odd reason, instead of regular underpants the guy had a flowery apron underneath his jeans. / I hurried to give him my own belt, but when I was handing it, it broke into three pieces and no-one could use it anymore. / I had to hold on to my own jeans with both hands, and poor boy walked out his jeans around his ankles, like nothing had happened.