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  • Paluu lintulaudalle / Back to birdfeeder

    August 7th, 2011

  • Pikapiirtelyä

    July 22nd, 2011

    …Tavoitteena täyttää tyhjä paikka paperilla jotta pääsee skannaamaan.


    Fast drawing, goal was just to fill an empty space on the paper before I’d scan it.

  • Arkistojen Mummo-aarteita, osa 2

    March 19th, 2011

    Julkaistu aikaisemmin Haista!-lehdessä. Inspiroinut myös fanitoimintaa, jossa eläydyttiin mummoihin ostamalla kaupasta Fazerin parhaita ja Brunbergin tryffeleitä, ja mentiin kävelykadulle vahtaamaan ohikulkijoita (tosin sinä päivänä ei ohilkulkijoissa ollut yhtään näin tasokkaita). Poitsukan paidassa lukee “nekro metal on kova juttu”.

    – – –

    Previously released in Haista!-zine. The text in boy’s shirt says loosely translated “necro metal is hard.”

    And as loosely translated…

    At the yard of groceries: “This year autumn came early. Wonder if I should start knitting multitude of socks.” “Aune had crocheted a goal for her grandchildren’s football games. I wouldn’t start such a big project.” / Suddenly: “Do you see same as I?” (Almost swallowing her false teeth) / Library. Oh, he even has notorious steelcaps in his boots. / “Oh I wish I could have him alive in a bottle!” “And poke him with a stick there!” / “If I now threw my grocery-bags away and ran fast, I’d still catch him…” / “Only my feet are betraying me” “But we can go with kicksledge!” / “When we pass him we’ll see him close another time, and when we’ll stay hanging  farther, he has to pass us and we’ll see him close for third time!” “Hold on to my bag when we are moving fast, you hear me” / “What were those grannies staring. Probably thought I worship Satan. Fucking hell people are so prejudical. Would they wan’t everyone to dress up in colorful joggingsuits, yuck.” / Down the hill there’s traffic lights where all our characters are heading to. There’s also Aune nordic walking towards them. / Salme and Aini fly like the wind over street when the lights are already red. / Swept over by the tornado of our kicksledgers, Aune almost falls. “Eek!” “Be careful! Are you allright?” “No, I’m fine…Thanks!” / “Yay – now those old ladies saw I’m not any devil as I helped that one!” “That can’t be cured even with pralines…” “And we will not invite Aune over to coffee next friday! She was so unfair by throwing herself to our object’s arms!”

  • Lisää arkistojen aarteita/more archive treasures

    March 19th, 2011

    Julkaistu aikaisemmin Haista!-lehdessä. Päiväyksen perusteella tämä on vanhin Mummot-sarjakuva, joskin olen jokseenkin varma, että sisällöllisesti tämä on uudempi kuin myöhemmin päivätty  pätkä Mummoista hekumoimassa hehkeästä pitkälettipojasta (jonka postaan seuraavaksi). Ehkä sen loppuun piirtäminen vain kesti kauemmin 😀

    Previously released in Haista!-zine, piece from 2003. There’s some fiddling with the dates though, I think idea in this one is actually newer than in next piece that’s according to date finished in 2004… However, loose-ish translation follows, panels divided with / and speech bubbles with ” ” again…

    Old ladies

    / “Oh, Salme, come quick. My heart isn’t feeling very well with all this…”/ “I came as quick as I could get, and brought a bag of candy with me…”/ “Shh. Put them on that table and come to see – that lad in neighbor is being immoral again and has not even put curtains on his window.” / “He went to shower not-so-long-time ago and… oh, there he’s coming back.” “Meh, of course he’s wearing towel around him.” / “YES!” “Now he’s taking it off! Now he’s taking it off!”

  • Lintulaudan jatko

    January 24th, 2011

  • December 20th, 2010

  • December 19th, 2010

  • lisää havaintoja syksyltä

    December 18th, 2010

    (Loose translation: It’s so filthy that people don’t clean up their dog’s poop from the road / oh, luckily this time it was just a couple of Limax cinereoniger-slugs in the act of cannibalism!)

  • Havaintoja syksyltä

    December 18th, 2010

    (Translation: August 201o / – / October 2010)