• Pumpattavat hobitit / inflatable hobbits

    April 20th, 2011


    Translation included:

    “And then my friend told about his friend, who filmed a documentary of a company, that rents out inflatable celebrity-look-a-like sex toys!” “Rents out?” “Because they are expensive to buy, I was told.” / “Now I wonder if they rent such out for women as well? For example Legolas-look-a-likes?” “Or maybe hobbits?” “Legolas turns over two women, but you’ll need more than one hobbit to turn over one woman!” (=in a fine card game) / Oh, and then somebody would have to play with them so that she’ll toss herself on the ground and hobbits in the air, and pretends them to turn her over. I bet it doesn’t quite feel the same as the real thing. “Oh hobbits, turn me over!” “I am a Golden Dildo, and I disapprove!”

    (Well, the card game and  some words chosen might need further explanation – in one card game players could “turn over”, a.k.a remove from the game some character cards by playing certain other character cards – Legolas removed from game two ladies of the opponent player, but in finnish it can be said in a way that could be understood not removing but having sex – that was of course endless source of amusement for any player. I know “turn over” isn’t exactly fitting english translation, but couldn’t come up with anything better either and still keep the card game roots visible. )

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