• Arkistojen aarteita: Uskontotieteen proseminaari 2001

    January 5th, 2011

    Koska kestänee vielä jonkun aikaa ennen kuin saan mitään uutta julkaisukuntoon, laitetaan sitten vanhaa.

    Julkaistu aikaisemmin Samsarassa. Tilaustyö, ja oma henkilökohtainen suosikkini kaikista ainejärjestölehtiin piirtämistäni sarjakuvista 😀

    Explanation: Some more archive stuff from beyond the dawn of time. Based on a dream and released previously in a student society magazine in 2001 – and my personal favorite from any comics I’ve drawn for those!

    Loose-ish translation: Doing Seminar paper for Comparative Religions (nightmare 6. 10. 2001)

    “What kind of visions do you see?” “Half-immaterial horses, really scary and threatening” / “What kind of visions do you see?” “Really scafry and threatening dead people. I don’t know where they come from, but they just are there and peek from behind the living!” / The paper contains ten pages of description and ten pages of plain pictures.  “Would I probably need some more material?” / “What kind of visions do you see?” “Sexy angels!” / “Dammit. It doesn’t fit into this corpus of threateningness and really scariness.” / “Angels aren’t sexy!” “Oh yes they are!” / “Which one of us is writing this paper, you or me?” / Moral of the story: How to treat your informants.

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