• Joulumieltä kaikille!

    December 18th, 2010

    (loose translation: Mistletoe / As a teenager I once drew a christmas greeting card with two mice meeting under a mistletoe for my friend. She liked it a lot. / Later in my life I drew a bunny, wondering about a mistletoe. It ended up as rabbit hopping club’s greeting card – although scrapped into different background, where bunny was wondering about a star instead./ I thought about combining those two ideas, for the sake of fun as well as using it for greetings again. Nah, why add clothes…/ Maybe bit more realistic style would be sweeter. Bonded bunnyfriends snuggling. Oh how CUTE! (lickety lickety) / On the other hand, thinking realistic about the bunnies, everyone can guess how it would end. Not that much greeting card material. (humpity hump!))

    2 Responses to “Joulumieltä kaikille!”

  • Pitäsiköhän olla miten huolissaan siitä, että tuo viimeisen ruudun tukkapupu muistuttaa enemmän kuin ihan yhdellä tavalla meidän Tytsyä? 😀

  • se muistuttaa myös Goottipoikaa. Ja Pippuria. Apua, kanini on stereotyyppi!

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